Tyler the creator

Tyler gregory also known as Tyler the creator is not my favourite artist but is very good at writing raps, music and has weird personality. He was born  march 6 1991. His well known albums are wolf. goblin and bastard which include hits like She which got too mainstream after awhile. Yonkers which i personally dont really like and IFHY which is my favourite because i like the lyrics hes rapping. He was the official founder of ofgwkta (odd future) which included Frank Ocean. Kid Cudi and Earl sweatshirt 






                                                   is a christmas tree

                                      it is green spiky dark and full of light

                           when you see this tree you will be very excited because

                  it only comes in December because thats when santa comes out to play 

                                                     it brings happines

                                                     it brings much joy

                                                     and it stands tall

                                                     like a brave man




There’s a ghost in my room, 
And a Witch on a broom, 
Vampires under my bed, 
A headless monster in the shed.

All these characters are pretty scary, 
The Werewolf is very hairy, 
They always seem to appear at night, 
To protect me, I need a Knight.

Which one do I fear the most? 
It’s gotta be that ugly ghost, 
Always walking without a head, 
He calls himself, Mr. Fred.

One review of a book, or film, or music that you enjoyed.

i dont really read allot of books but i like to read the bible because it is interesting reading about the lord and Moses and Joseph and yeah, a film i really like is quarantine, the Blair witch project, um. and yeah i like allot of movies music i like is.. like every thing 

Chris brown

frank ocean

Elvis Presley

one direction

justin bieber

the drifters

the platters

the Beatles

john Lennon

Paul McCartney

ritchie valens

buddy holly

Ed Sheeran


Katy Perry

Freddy fender 

wiz khalifa

rita ora


Lucky Dube

i hate new zealand music like its so bad compared to Americas music




what events are important to you?

um, i dont know maybe like Easter because im christian

uuuuuh, Halloween because i like scary things and stuff like that

and Christmas because its very fun and cool 

and also my birthday because it is that day that i was born which is really impoprtant